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Better for the local community, Better for the Planet

Our use of municipal solid waste creates a circular economy. We produce green fuels like Green Hydrogen, Renewable Diesel, and Sustainable Aviation Fuel. 

New Features

We use multiple streams of biomass feedstock to both lower input costs and reduce supply risk. 

Any form of construction waste wood can be diverted away from municipal landfills. The thermochemical reactors will clean up any metals from rusty nails to pressure treating chemicals that would normally contaminate landfills. 

This is all processed without any emissions to the atmosphere. 


It all starts with our lifestyles. 

We consume valuable materials like wood, plastics, and paper products for packaging, construction, and so on. But, we are currently throwing out these items in our garbage bins. This is municipal solid waste or MSW. 

Any form of waste from wood, paper, plastics and organic waste is converted into high value liquid fuels like Sustainable Aviation Fuel, Diesel, and Hydrogen gas from our engineered processes.

The reason is that they are all rich in carbon and hydrogen that are the building blocks of energy.

Our system will divert waste away from landfills reducing the need for land and also reducing methane gas produced from decomposition. 


Biomass energy recovery uses gasification and plasma technology currently used in projects around the world. 

Terramica is working with the best engineering firms in the world that focus in thermochemical conversion. 

Our advantages are that we can use multiple types of waste and we only use a very small area using scalable modules.  One module is only 50m x 16m that reduces our carbon footprint. 

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