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Terramica is incorporated Feb 1, 2022.

Teamwork and experience creates a company focused on merging forest industry with green energy.

How did we come up with the name?

The acronym TREES was suggested as the full name Terramica Renewable Ecological Energy Systems.

“The name Terramica is from the latin words Terra = “earth” and Amica = “friend” and combined means Friend of Mother Earth.”

We did a lot of market research in the forest industry and waste management to confirm our supply sources of wood waste feedstock. One of our key advantages is that we can use multiple streams of wood waste from landfills, wood chips, hog fuels (from bark), slash from logging, and fire damaged logs from forest fires.

The ever changing landscape of government action to create a green, sustainable circular economy makes the timing of this venture as fossil fuel prices continuously increase during our uncertain times.

Industry leaders need to act on our environment now

My background is in log and lumber. I have worked in management in the forest industry for about 30 years. I exported around the world and traveled on business to many locations in Europe, North America, and Asia. I have also custom cut many beautiful coastal logs in the past. So, I feel I owe back to the environment.

Our co-founders include myself, and a sustainability and accounting expert. We also are privileged to have a lady join us as her specialty is in government policy from being a past deputy mayor in the north.

We are looking forward to sharing our journey with all of you.

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